Erin Fader The Box Bracelet


Erin has been rocking this bracelet for months now and it has easily become one of her go to's for daily styling.

Just like the Box Choker, this bracelet can be worn with anything. She stuns on her own and in a bracelet stack. This bracelet is a simple classic that will stand the test of time, and be in your collection for years to come!

  • 24k gold overlay 
  • 7 inches long

                      Care Instructions: Gold Overlay

                      Gold overlay is water resistant, but should be kept dry as much as possible. It is not as tolerable to moisture as gold fill. You can get this wet, just be sure to wipe dry for longevity! However, we do recommend removing before getting into salt water or chlorine. We do suggest removing before applying any lotions or perfumes to your skin as well.

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