BuDhaGirl Mélange Beaded Bracelet - Flint


One of our favorite pieces is our Bianca beaded bracelet, and now it has grown up and become our Mélange bracelet. Fabulous harmonies of color combine to make your wrist beautiful. Start your wristscape with our Mélange beaded bracelet for women and add AWB® in your favorite colors!

This bracelet is one of a kind and will not be identical to the photo. Each bracelet will have a unique bead combination. 

Handcrafted in the US. One size.

Mindful Glamour Ritual:  Pause. Breathe. Focuson your many qualities and how together they make up the wonderful person you are. Then…Go. Be it.

Thought:  Who you are is a necessary step to being who you will be. - EmmanuelKant

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